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About Us

A strategic partner for pharmaceutical companies that consistently delivers superior quality regulatory documents through excellence, experience, and intelligent execution.

We believe that a successful strategic partnership is built on a strong foundation of governance, strategic thinking, collaboration, effective communication, and risk management.

Kateric’s core values— excellence, quality, accountability, and consistency —are the benchmark for everything we do and the framework from which we make all our decisions. Within this framework, Kateric strives to be a genuine partner who is able to consistently deliver on their commitments, while at the same time providing access to relevant services and capabilities over a range of product lifecycle needs.

Kateric uses a dedicated resource model, providing resources who work only for a single client, to ensure continuity of service and customer satisfaction. We develop the necessary infrastructure and tools for our resources to seamlessly integrate with the client teams and operate autonomously, while also providing them the necessary support, mentorship, and oversight to ensure achievement of established client goals.

Kateric's leadership team
Kateric's leadership team

Core Values


At Kateric, the pursuit of excellence is a continuous process fostered by focusing on and understanding customer needs, empowering resources to take ownership of the outcome, and continually improving current processes/practices.  We accomplish this with the use of teamwork, creativity, problem-solving, and skillful leadership in order to achieve and sustain outstanding results.


Quality is intentional; it is created, nurtured, and cultivated in order to be sustainable.  Kateric builds quality into each deliverable as it evolves through it’s lifecycle with use of a consistent and systematic approach and the continuous application of acquired knowledge.


We believe accountability requires a level of ownership that includes making, keeping, and answering for individual commitments irrespective of outcome.  A culture of accountability is created first by defining clear results and then leading beyond boundaries, with integrity and maximum effort at every level.  We endeavor to inspire the pursuit of results by creating an environment that motivates our resources to ask “What else can I do”, over and over, until the desired results are achieved.


Kateric strives to achieve consistency in all things, consistency of actions, consistency of service, consistency of communication, consistency of results...for to build a culture of excellence we believe you have to be deliberate and consistent in every single step of the process.  Further, quality is built on a foundation of consistency, which makes it paramount to our success.

Our Leadership

Our experienced leadership team is committed to fostering a culture that exemplifies our core values, providing support, mentorship, and oversight, while coordinating and balancing the interests of all members and stakeholders to ensure the intelligent execution of all projects.


Our Team and Its Environment

Kateric medical writers, editors, and quality control reviewers have extensive work experience and all possess an outstanding attention to detail. They have a working knowledge of drug development, a clear understanding of the application of governing regulations, and are highly adaptable to change. In addition, they possess strong project management skills that include time management, cooperative listening, written and verbal communication expertise, and exceptional interpersonal and relational soft skills.  Kateric’s resources are located across multiple time zones in the United States, as well as in India, the EU and Canada, and also have experience working with client teams located across the globe.

Our Resources are:

  • Global
  • Experienced
  • Client-Dedicated
  • Communicative
  • Flexible

Our Environment has:

  • Training
  • Mentorship
  • Strong Infrastructure
  • Governance and Oversight
  • Established Policies and Procedures

Our Clients

Our clients range from top 10 pharmaceutical companies to small biotech firms. With a proven track record in delivery, service, and integrity, we form genuine partnerships with our clients, becoming fully integrated into their culture. Being designated a preferred provider for top pharmaceutical companies has resulted in most of our partnerships being high‑volume, long-term relationships. As a preferred provider, we have been able to offer our full range of services across an organization servicing multiple departments within a company at the same time.