We are pleased to announce that Kateric has joined ProPharma Group

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Your Strategic Partner for the
Preparation of Regulatory Documents

Navigate through the ever-evolving regulatory landscape with a flexible and client-dedicated team

"Exceeded Our Expectations"

"Kateric resources were always completely committed to getting the job done, whatever it took.
If we had to ask them to do extra work or take on another project, the answer was always, 'Yes.'
This can-do attitude is part of the culture at Kateric and exceeded our expectations."

Kateric Client

"As Committed As Our Own Staff"

"Kateric resources were as committed to shared projects as our own staff, making it very easy
to do business with them. We encountered no other organization that was able to provide the
skills, quality, timely delivery, and cooperative attitude that Kateric did!"

Kateric Client


Our core values—excellence, quality, accountability, and
consistency—are the benchmark for everything we do.

We strive to be a genuine partner who is able to consistently deliver on our commitments and provide access to relevant services and capabilities over a range of product lifecycle needs.


"Excellent Documentation and Business Practices"

"One of Kateric's strengths is their excellent documentation and business practices. Their
thoroughly documented process and how collaborative they were within that process made for
an incredibly smooth client engagement, making them stand out from other vendors we use.
Through their consistency, we have learned how to make our process better…"

Kateric Client