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“I recommend Kateric as a source of very high quality medical writing for CSRs, narratives, and other regulatory documents. Kateric's dedication to producing a quality product has always been a defining characteristic.”

“When additional resources are needed, we have called upon Kateric as our go-to partner. Their writing and quality control staff integrate well with our team, adhere to our process, and deliver their documents within the expected timelines.”

“This was a complex registry posting with a tight turnaround time.  The author and the project manager did a great job of managing the project to meet our timeline, AND the record posted with NO NIH comments. Thank you!!”

“Special thanks to the Kateric project manager for liaising with our study teams and educating them so expertly on the ins and outs of the registry posting process. She made what is most certainly a complex process much easier to understand and navigate.”

“The vendor accommodated a 24-hour turnaround on our document redaction request and even completed ahead of time, giving us extra time in house to complete our review, thanks so much!!”

“We sent multiple urgent requests in the same week and Kateric was able to handle all of them, delivering them all on time (a couple were even delivered ahead of schedule). They kept us posted on the progress of each document and were very responsive. Thank you so much for all your help!”

“The clinical study reports were written very well with attention to detail to minimize any need for extensive changes during subsequent review. A more clearly written draft allowed the author team to focus more on messages and key content.”

“The Kateric author was outstanding, in terms of quality, timelines, communication, understanding the big picture and details, proactivity, and output.”

“The Kateric editor managed often conflicting input from multiple science teams and multiple PK reviewers with professionalism and grace. She was able to understand and integrate very technical material and appropriately raised questions for clarity and understanding.”

“What I liked about the Kateric writer was her willingness to take full ownership of the writing no matter the complexity. She never asked the clinical scientist or study statistician to suggest wording, even though it might have been justified given her lack of involvement in the study prior to the CSR. All previous writers I have worked with would have asked me to suggest text. It was refreshing to work with someone so competent and reliable.”

“The Kateric editor was the most detail-oriented editor that I have ever worked with. The protocol we worked on was a very large amendment with the addition of 3 additional new drugs, arms. Her flexibility in managing the many changes and great attention to detail made this collaboration go very smoothly. I look forward to working with her again in the future.”

“The Kateric editor had a lot of experience with protocol editing and made many suggestions that improved compliance with the company template. She had outstanding attention to detail in implementing changes that affected multiple parts of a complex document. She was very flexible and accessible when team timelines shifted due to the need to add additional content to the protocol during the review process.”

“The Kateric editor was very good at following up on the changes from the reviewers but was also able to apply those changes to relevant sections that were not flagged. She was excellent at maintaining consistency throughout the document.”

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